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I'm writing my first ever android application, and I'm at a point where I have a text file on the internal storage's Download folder, which I'd like to access and read. First I tried this: string path = recepytys.cfe(recepytys.cforyDownloads, ""); recepytys.cfllText(path, "Write this text into a file!");. Note: Although apps are installed onto the internal storage by default, you can allow your app to be installed on external storage by specifying the android:installLocation attribute in your manifest. Users appreciate this option when the APK size is very large and they have an external storage space that's larger than the internal storage. Is there a method in Android that returns the data path on internal storage? I have 2 Android smartphone (Samsung s2 and s7 edge) where i installed an application.

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I'm writing my first ever android application, and I'm at a point where I have a text file on the internal storage's Download folder, which I'd like to access and read. First I tried this:. But it doesn't work, I get and unhandled exception.

I have set the permissions to read and write to external storage even though this is internal. But I got the same unhandled exception. Application storage path android came to the conclusion that the path is application storage path android problem, since I get the else part here:.

Seems like I can't edit my post. Oh well. Here's the exception I'm getting if I put the File. That's great, but my phone OnePlus One doesn't have external storage. Can it be the device's problem? Nevertheless I get an exception saying I don't have access to it anyway I have set the permissions for reading and writing external storage, application storage path android.

I'm still having problems getting this to work. If I use the path you found to fix the problem from you, then I get the emulated path. Using this: global::Android. Using this: Environment. GetFolderPath Environment. I have tried so many different enumerators and whatnot to get a simple path to the Android file system and nothing seems to work.

Any chance that this has something to do with runtime permissions in Marshmallow? I'm starting to think that even though I've granted external storage write permissions in the manifest, that my app still doesn't have runtime write permissions.

If someone knows for sure, please chime in. Thank you. The problem for me was Android 6, application storage path android. Now that I have implemented the correct steps to get external storage permissions, my app can write to external storage. Please follow along to get the solution for xamarin forms. How do i reference this then in my forms code ie how do i still access the path variable is their a way to do it?.

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October in Xamarin. Combine Android. DirectoryDownloads, "families. WriteAllText path, "Write this text into a file! I came to the conclusion that the path is the problem, since I get application storage path android else part here: Java. File path ; if file. CanRead testText. Tagged: read file from internal storage. October edited October October Your path is wrong.

Finally found a solution. Combine path, application storage path android. ToString"myfile. March edited March August February Exactly what in this video answers the question?????? January January edited January May AbsolutePath; But i want to refernce it in my code behind of my xaml in my xamrin forms app how?.

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application storage path android


@Shayan the root directory (/) is not located on the SD Card means below /sdcard (internal card, points to /storage/emulated/) or the corresponding path of your external no, I cannot explain all possible location some app might use, sorry; AFAIK /data/misc is managed by the Android system itself, so "mere apps" should at best have read access there. Android Storage system to access the path of External and Internal files and folders. Android uses more than one file system (think of "multiple drives/partitions" when comparing with your computer, while sharing a common base, directory structures might differ between manufacturers. Instagram API Integration in Android Application. I have installed a few Android applications both with the adb install command and via a webserver (like an alternative to Android Market).. But where in the Android file system on my phone is the file placed? Are applications installed with adb install not placed in the same directory as applications downloaded from the Market?